Webmin for PC Download (2023 Latest)

webmin for pc is a complete file sharing web app which provides power users and PC enthusiasts with a highly optimized web-based system administration interface for Unix. With this application, users can easily access remote Unix PCs and configure server services. This includes things like setting user account preferences, starting Apache, DNS, file sharing, and many other services. Originally developed by a single developer Jamie Cameron, this project grew and accepted contribution in the form of patches, compatibility with FreeBSD And OpenBSDand additional languages.

With over a decade of experience in the market, Webmin app has managed to grow into a complete system administration suite that can be infused with over 80 advanced modules that handle everything from file sharing, security, software management, network configuration, hardware monitoring, VPN Tunneling, server maintenance, web server organization, storage services and much more. In addition to these official modules, the large global community has contributed to the creation of many other third-party modules, themes and updates.

webmin for desktop comes as a simple web server that runs a variety of CGI programs capable of updating system files such as /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/passwd. To ensure stable operation and lightweight performance, the entire server application and all CGI programs were written in pearl version 5 and also use non-standard Perl modules.

Today this application is considered one of the most complete applications for Unix system administrationallowing very simple access to configure DNS, Email, FTP, databases, PPVS, multi servers, and much more.

webmin for pc is 100% FREE and may be freely distributed without restrictions and modified for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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