Vidya Balan reveals what she did when a director ‘insisted’ on her going to his hotel room

Vidya Balan reveals what she did when a director 'insisted' on her going to his hotel room

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Vidya Balan, who has always been outspoken about issues that are otherwise swept under the rug, recalled how she handled an awkward situation with a director once in her latest interview. The actress was asked about her ordeals with the casting couch in show business in an interview with Humans Of Bombay. Vidya Balan revealed that she has always been “very lucky” as she never had a “casting couch date”, but once, a director “insisted” that they go to her hotel room when they meet for work. However, the actress “did something smart”: she left the door of the hotel room open so that the director knew “that the only way out for him was to leave.”

Vidya Balan, in the interview, said, “Actually, I haven’t had a casting couch date. I have been very, very lucky, because I have heard horror stories, and that was the biggest fear of my parents, because they resisted me joining the cinema. But the only incident I had…I remember, in one of my films that I had been hired to do, I met with the director because he was visiting Chennai for a publicity film shoot.” He added that they met in a coffee shop, but he “kept insisting that ‘let’s go to my room and chat'”.

“I didn’t understand, because I was alone,” Vidya Balan said, continuing: “But I did something very clever. When we went to the room, I left the door open. And then he knew that the only way out for him was to get out. So, I really don’t think he’s had a casting couch experience. No suggestion was made, no proposition was made. But this was a feeling, a vibe that I picked up. And I reacted to it. Self-preservation kicks in, and a woman’s instincts… And then I got kicked out of that movie.”

On the work front, Vidya Balan was last seen opposite Shefali Shah in the critically acclaimed film. jalsa. Upcoming projects of his include Neeyat and Lovers.

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