“The hardest phase of my life”

Divya Agarwal says split with Varun Sood 'bitter': 'hardest phase of my life'

Divya Agarwal shared this photo. (courtesy: divyaagarwal_official)

New Delhi:

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood, who broke up a year ago, have been the talk of the town due to their breakup. In a recent interview with ETimes, the actress called her breakup with Varun “bitter” and revealed that it was the “hardest stage” of her life. She also questioned her ex-boyfriend Varun of hers by answering a question about whether she cheated on the actress. “I don’t understand why a person has to answer personal questions when they are promoting their next show. Varun could have avoided the question. It’s been a year since our break up but people keep asking questions and one should know how to avoid them and show dignity because now I’m engaged,” Divya was quoted as saying by ETimes.

Divya Agarwal also responded to accusations by Varun Sood’s sister, Akshita, about not returning her ancestral jewellery. She said, “They have been asking my manager about the gifts for many days. During our three-year courtship, there were many gifts and cards exchanged, one doesn’t keep track of all that. Now, even after I returned the jewelry , the phone calls to my manager haven’t stopped! I’m tired of arguing on Twitter.”

Calling her breakup with Varun Sood “bitter”, Divya added: “From losing a parent to a bitter breakup, this has been the most difficult stage of my life. There was a reason I decided to break up. Why do people question about things like infidelity now?”

When asked if this controversy affected her relationship with her fiancé Apurva Padgaonkar, Divya replied, “My relationship is one of the most stable things in my life. At the end of the day, when I start discussing or explaining these things to Apurva, he leaves the topic and suggests we go out. He’s been extremely patient and supportive and wants no part of this. I’m grateful to have him and I wish people would stop bringing up the past.”

Divya Agarwal announced her engagement to Apurva Padgaonkar last year in December.

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