The FTC is probing Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter Blue and the ‘Twitter Files’

The Federal Trade Commission is stepping up its investigation into some of Twitter’s most controversial decisions since Elon Musk took over the company last fall. This includes the company’s massive layoffs and the launch of Twitter Blue, as well as the company’s dealings with journalists linked to the so-called “Twitter Files”. wall street journal,

On this issue, it’s 2022 for Twitter with the FTC over the use of “deceptive” ad targeting. Along with the $150 million fine, the company at the time agreed to a “comprehensive privacy and information security program” as well as other stricter measures to protect users’ privacy. But there is widespread concern from lawmakers and others that Twitter, under Musk’s leadership, has not complied with those requirements.

Now, wall street journal reports that the FTC has sent at least a dozen letters to Twitter since last fall in an effort to get more information about the company’s handling of layoffs, Twitter Blue, the “Twitter Files” and other issues. The agency is reportedly looking to have Musk removed as part of the inquiry. The House Judiciary Committee also released a report on Twitter about the FTC’s inquiry.

The report isn’t the first suggestion that Twitter has run into a regulator since its acquisition of Musk. The FTC previously said it followed the departure of key privacy and security executives. Lawmakers and others have also raised concerns about the hasty rollout of Twitter Blue, which launched without the proper privacy or security reviews that Twitter’s FTC settlement required.

similarly, as Bloomberg It was reported that the settlement also requires Twitter to limit internal access to Twitter users’ data. Security experts have questioned whether Musk’s decision to hand over the scope of internal documents and provide access to journalists may violate his obligations with the FTC.

In Musk called the FTC’s actions “a shameful case of weaponizing a government agency for political purposes and suppressing the truth.” Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee also described the agency’s investigation as “harassment”.

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