Realm’s partnership with the electronic risk preparedness company

“Effective management of cyber risk is no longer optional — it is necessary,” said Donovan Burgess, senior vice president and digital asset purveyor, electronic and professional lines at Relm. “As cyber threats continue to evolve, our policyholders must stay one step ahead to protect their business and their reputation. That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of eRiskHub from NetDiligence to our comprehensive cyber risk policy. With its up-to-date data and powerful educational tools, eRiskHub empowers policyholders We have the ability to understand and manage their exposure to unique cyber risks, develop a robust cyber preparedness plan, and minimize the devastating impact of the breach.”

“Our team and solutions are dedicated to making cyber risk management easier for everyone involved in the modern cyber risk mitigation process,” said Mark Gressiger, President and CEO of NetDiligence. “From policyholders to cyber insurance professionals, the eRiskHub portal helps those at the forefront of cyber defense stay sharp as the cyber threat landscape evolves.”

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The eRiskHub platform offers a wide range of proactive and interactive information, education and services. The platform is specifically designed for the prevention, reporting and recovery of losses due to cyber incidents. Under the new partnership, Relm policyholders will have access to features including:

  • Incident Response GuidelinesProvides suggested steps for following a cyber incident and reaching a breach response team
  • News and Learning Center: Includes best practice articles, white papers, webinars, cyber risk stories, security and compliance logs, and risk management events
  • Risk management toolsCost calculators, policy templates, a guide to state breach notification laws, and a free self-assessment designed to help policyholders manage their cyber risk.
  • eRisk Resources: Free online security training courses and a guide to quickly finding outside resources with expertise in pre- and post-hack disciplines
  • Mobile friendly platformThe portal can be accessed from desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices

“Resources like eRiskHub will be critical going forward as insurers like Relm strive to educate policyholders about the risks their organizations face,” said Gressiger.

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