OpenVPN download (32 bit) (latest 2023)

OpenVPN is awarded and complete SSL VPN solution which can allow everyone from computer novices to large enterprises to configure how they access the Internet, unlocking powerful services for a safer and stealthier browsing experience. Built from the ground up to support the latest encryption methods, this app lets you connect your PC to OpenVPN servers without fear of someone intercepting and spying on your data, from where your data requests will be distributed to the rest of the web in a safe and controlled manner.

This downloads the source code. Please download OpenVPN Connect if you need a working OpenVPN GUI client.

By default, the app can spread your data traffic across multiple of its servers, making your online location hidden and unrecognizable to internet service providers and the rest of the internet in general. In addition to that, it also comes with a wide range of customization tools that can be used to configure remote access privileges, site-to-site VPNs, enterprise-wide remote access enterprise, adaptive load balancing, advanced Wi-Fi securityfailover services, granular user access control and more.

The presence of automated VPN services and advanced tools has made OpenVPN in the number 1 safe browsing software of choice for regular users, organizations of all sizes and many Fortune 500 companies.

Installation and use

It comes in a small package which, after installation, will reconfigure the way your computer accesses the Internet. The configuration window of this application is actually very light and contains only the most basic tools to define the type of your VPN setting (configuration file, system proxy settings or manual configuration) and a drop-down menu to select the language of the user interface (with more than 15 translations available).

Originally designed for use in corporate environments, the personal level of OpenVPN retains highly advanced technologies and lightweight tools. The main safety feature of OpenVPN is based on the OSI Layer 2 or 3 secure network extension that uses SSL/TLS protocols. It installs deep into the Windows operating system, allowing all user applications to take advantage of security features, firewall rules, authentication certificates, and more.

In the real world, ordinary non-business users may encounter various obstacles that can prevent them from taking full advantage of their home Internet connection. This can include ISP data rate throttling, region blocking of website content, or even government-imposed firewalls. It allows users to circumvent these problems, by giving you a stable and secure data stream to their servers, from which you will be redirected to any major region of the world, and can access its “local” content. It doesn’t matter if you just want to access region-specific sites and services (such as offering content from streaming platforms) or read censored news outlets, it can let you do it with just a few clicks. .

Another benefit of an Open VPN is a unified virtual presence. It doesn’t matter where you are physically, if you use Open VPNthe rest of the internet will be able to detect that you are from a single region.

Features and strengths

    • Core – With over 50 million downloads, Open VPN’s core technology has proven to be one of the leaders in the field of VPN Security.
    • Advanced AES Encryption – It encrypts all outgoing and incoming Internet data with the world’s leading encryption standard.
    • Enhanced Privacy – Effortlessly protect your personal and online identity by spoofing your IP address.
    • Hotspot Protection – Prevent unauthorized access to your data while connecting to public and unsecured Wi-Fi sports.
    • Travel Protection – Hide your online location, wherever you are.
    • Global Server Connection – Access and establish your virtual presence on servers located in 12 regions around the world.
    • Unlimited Access – Access OpenVPN servers from anywhere in the world.
    • 24/7 Support – Access 24/7 support via email or live chat.
    • Full Windows Compatibility – Available on all modern versions of Windows, ranging from Windows 2003 to Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Also available: Download OpenVPN for Mac

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