‘Offer tea, Pakodas…’: Congress advises Kejriwal to take care of the center the way of Sheila Dikshit

File picture of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal with the late former CM Sheila Dikshit.  (File/Messages18)

File picture of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal with the late former CM Sheila Dikshit. (File/Messages18)

In a Twitter post titled “A Day with Sheila Ji: Reflecting on the Current Power Chaos in Kejriwal,” Maken recalls a similar stance faced by Congress, then ruling Delhi, and hopes Kejriwal “learns from this.”

While Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal continues to battle the BJP-led Center for a new regulation, Congress leader Ajay Maken gave him advice from former CM Sheila Dikshit’s handbook on how to “skillfully” handle such situations.

Calling it “Sheila Ji’s legacy,” Maken wrote, “these officers have no one. Take care of them skillfully……serve tea and pakoda when needed, and be relentless when required…”.

In a Twitter post titled “A Day with Sheila Ji: Reflecting on the Current Kejriwal Power Chaos,”Maken recalls a similar situation faced by Congress, which ruled Delhi at the time, and hopes that Kejriwal “learns from this.”

In situations where someone disagrees with the government in the Centre, Maken said: “She (Sheila Dikshit) taught me how to skillfully overcome obstacles, serve with a clear focus on the good of the city. Offer tea and pakoda when required and stand firm when required. This is Sheila Ji’s legacy, a guide that serves the public interest first.”

He also advised the AAP supremo to “work with the officers respectfully, have dialogue and persuade them to advance Delhi. They will certainly be in line with your vision if it is sincere.”

Maken goes on to say that Kejriwal’s past actions of using “harsh words” won’t get him anywhere in these situations.

“Your past actions – calling officers at ungodly hours, resorting to mistreatment and harsh words – are not constructive. It’s crucial to recognize that this behavior only adds to the city’s unrest,” he said.

Maken also recalled Dikshit’s advice on dealing with the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

“She told me, ‘Be as firm as possible, fight for the interests of Delhi. Because I deal with LG every day, you can be strong, I will be the supportive judge,” he said.

Maken spoke about the 2000s when he served as Transport, Energy and Tourism Minister under CM Sheila Dikshit and how one day he found out he had been replaced. According to him, Dikshit also had no idea about this development, and this Center played a role in it.

Maken says that despite Dikshit’s attempt to change his mind, the decision stood firm, adding that instead of facing it angrily, she advised him to diplomatically co-exist with the new officer for the good of the city.

What is the current feud between Kejriwal and Centrum?

The Center issued an order establishing the Warsaw National Civil Service Office for the purpose of transfer and disciplinary proceedings against group A officers from the DANICS staff.

The ordinance comes a week after the Supreme Court handed over control of services in Delhi to the elected government, excluding those related to police, public order and land.

Pursuant to the ordinance, all matters required by the Management Board to be resolved are decided by a majority of votes of the members present and voting. However, in the event of a disagreement, the Lieutenant Governor’s decision is final.

Delhi government lawyer and Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi called the act “an evil, poor and graceless loser”.

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