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Discovering new music has long been one of the joys of SXSW. And while the festival has expanded its reach, it’s still a proving ground for up-and-coming talent. From social media darling Jade Novah to budding country singer Emily Nelli, here are five artists worth checking out.

sans soucis

To understand why the music press is raving about the Italian Congolese singer right now, just listen to her recently released “Merchants.” March 14 at The Courtyard; March 17 at The Stay Put

Jade Novah

She’s already garnered nearly a million followers on Instagram thanks to her hilarious impersonations of Beyoncé and Toni Braxton, but Jade Novah is a major R&B talent in her own right, with songs like “Trip” and “Lost in You” as proof. March 17 at The North Door

Emily Neni

Of course, this California-born, Nashville-based artist was to have a future in music: Her first concert was Bruce Springsteen’s, in utero. With her knack for storytelling, she’s a boss in her own right. March 18 at Mohawk Outdoor

sug daniels

Combining genres like folk, R&B, and soul, this Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter and producer (née Danielle Johnson) relies on sparse instruments and warbling vocals to create feel-good music that, well, makes you feel really, really good. March 16 on the 13th floor

baba kuboye

The great-nephew of Afrobeat legend Fela Aníkúlápó-Kuti is carving out his own space in the musical universe, and his 2022 release, From Ikoyi with hornsit’s all a state of mind. March 17 at Lady Bird Lake Community Concerts

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