Kashmera Shah On Viral Kiss With Husband Abhishek Krushna: ‘I Was PDA Hungry’

Kashmera Shah On Viral Kiss With Husband Abhishek Krushna: 'I Was PDA Hungry'

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek together in a photo.

New Delhi:

Kashmera Shah is no stranger to media attention and scrutiny. The actress recently made headlines for kissing her husband, actor Krushna Abhishek, at a party. A PDA video of the couple at the party organized for big boss 16 The contestants soon went viral on social media. Now, Kashmera has opened up about why she decided to indulge in PDA with her husband in front of the media. Speaking to ETimes, Kashmera candidly confessed that she was “starved for PDA.” The actress also denied rumors that she was drunk and explained that she was, in fact, jetlagged after returning from Los Angeles, USA.

Kashmera Shah was quoted as saying: “Yes, I know that people thought I was very drunk and therefore could not stand properly. The real reason was that he was jet lag. I had just come back from Los Angeles, got home, and then went to the party, so I could barely stand. I had a glass of wine, so if that got me drunk, I wouldn’t know.”

Talking about the kiss with Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah said, “Yes, I was pulling my husband towards me and indulging in PDA because I haven’t seen him for a long time. It was almost 3 weeks and I missed him so much. I was hungry for PDA and that’s why I kissed Krushna publicly at the party. He missed my kids too,” she added that the family is planning another Los Angeles vacation soon.

The now viral video shows Kashmera Shah posing for the paparazzi outside the party venue when Krushna Abhishek asks her to rejoin the party. Instead, Kashmera pushes Krushna into the frame and gives me several kisses. The video also ends with Kashmera showering her affection on him for big boss 16 contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.

Watch the video here:

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek are regular fixtures on each other’s social media timelines. For example, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day last month, Kashmera shared a video montage with images of the couple and their children. He also added a sweet caption that reads: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life, Krushna. Thank you for loving me and letting me be the person that I am. I love you for these beautiful crazy babies. I love you now and forever.”

Here are some other beloved posts from the couple:

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek have been married since 2013.

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