Gift of the day. ScreenCamera Studio

ScreenCamera Studio is the best alternative to OBS Studio. ScreenCamera Studio is perfect for broadcasters including streamers, Twitch users, Facebook live users, Google Meet users, Skype users and all live streaming app users.

ScreenCamera Studio installs a webcam on your system, so you connect directly to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook live, Google Meet, Skype and all live streaming services by quickly selecting the ScreenCamera Studio webcam. There is no need to configure URLs and keys. Additionally, the connection to live video services is hardware direct with far fewer internet lag issues.

ScreenCamera Studio is a powerful live streaming studio. More powerful than OBS Studio. With ScreenCamera Studio, you can broadcast your physical face webcam, capture screen, play movies, play photo slideshow, stamp transparent images and text on live video and draw on live video stream with Picture in Picture.

ScreenCamera Studio is a video recorder that lets you record and keep copies of your live streaming sessions. ScreenCamera Studio allows hotkeys to record, pause, stop your recording session and take photos. ScreenCamera Studio is equipped with a recording scheduler.

Main Features:

System camera ready to connect to YouTube and all live streaming services.
Screenshot of all monitors.
Video capture from the physical face webcam.
Movie player.
Photo slideshow player.
Overlay image and text stamps on live video.
Draw on live video.
Record your live streaming sessions.
Save a screenshot from any installed monitor.
Integrated toolbar mode.

Additional Features:

Video resolutions for all types of bandwidth requirements.
Save and open live video buffer overlay profiles.
Recorder scheduler.
Ability to invert the video output horizontally.
Set the frame rate for the screenshot.
Set time interval for photo change on photo slideshow.
Loop movies.

ScreenCamera Studio is the best alternative to OBS Studio. The app is perfect for all broadcasters. Setting up live video streaming services is quick and easy.

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