Fred VanVleet fined $30K, says officiating criticism ‘unfortunate’

Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet was fined $30,000 by the NBA on Thursday for his scathing criticism of official Ben Taylor following a 108-100 loss to the LA Clippers on Wednesday night.

VanVleet reiterated his frustration at the time, not only in the Clippers’ loss but also in Monday’s loss to the Denver Nuggets.

“Speaking for a lot of people, obviously I was disappointed, emotional,” VanVleet told reporters in Toronto on Thursday. “But there are a lot of people who feel that way. Hopefully going forward we will see some change for the betterment of the game. It was a bit emotional, a tough loss, things not going our way, getting caught up in it.” A little moment

“You live and you learn and you move on. It came out authentic, it came out in real time. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought I had another option or outlet. I felt like I had exhausted my options.” Is done.” This season, many different occasions. It’s just one of those things, I’m human.

“You’ll notice that I make mistakes in real time and make things that aren’t always quite right. A bit unprofessional for my standard, so that was unfortunate.”

The Clippers went to the line 31 times, compared to the Raptors’ 14 free throw attempts. VanVleet was whistled for a technical foul by Taylor with 7:02 remaining in the third quarter. The Clippers were up seven at that time. While Toronto would get within 70–68 later in the quarter, the Clippers would push the lead back to 12 shortly before the start of the fourth.

After VanVleet picked up his eighth technical foul this season — three of which came from Taylor — he officially fouled.

VanVleet said Wednesday night, “I don’t mind, I’ll take the fine. I really don’t care.” “I thought Ben Taylor was terrible tonight. I think most nights, you know all three [officials], there are one or two who finish the game. This has happened in two consecutive matches.

,[Losing on Monday at] Denver was tough, obviously. You come out tonight, compete very hard and I get a bull — technique that changes the whole dynamic of the game, changes the whole flow of the game.

“Most referees are trying hard. I like a lot of referees, they’re working hard, they’re very fair and communicate well. And then you’ve got other guys who just want to be a de — – And that’s just kind of the game’s over. … And nobody’s coming to see it —. They come to see the players.

Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart was asked about the executive on Thursday and referred to VanVleet’s comments to reporters.

“I don’t know if you saw the Fred VanVleet interview,” Smart told reporters. “That’s all I’m going to say. Obviously, it lets you know that I’m not talking off my butt and I’m not the only one who feels that way. I’m going to let Fred do all the talking.”

The Raptors felt the frustration of two straight games with technical fouls in the second half.

During the Raptors’ 118-113 loss to Denver on Monday, official Scott Foster called Scotty Barnes for a technical foul and ejected him with 28 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. The Nuggets were leading by one point at that time.

Foster said in the postgame pool report that Barnes was ejected on a technicality because “he used verbiage that directly called into question the integrity of the crew.”

The Raptors point guard said after the loss to the Clippers, “I think we’re missing a little bit of the fabric of the NBA and it’s been frustrating this season.” “You can see it: Most of my tech this year is working with Ben Taylor.

“So at a certain point as a player, you have to think it’s personal and it’s never a good place to be. So we lost tonight – we lost, but it’s certainly hard to overcome it.” makes.”

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