Breaking the Asim Riaz controversy

Why Sidharth Shukla Is Trending: Breaking Down The Asim Riaz Controversy

Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla and Salman Khan of big boss 13 final. (courtesy: asimriaz.worldwide)

New Delhi:

Sidharth Shukla’s sudden death in 2021 shocked his friends, fans, and members of the entertainment industry. Over a year later, fans and colleagues continue to celebrate the actor in many ways. One such example is fans posting the actor’s name on Twitter as a hashtag on Thursday and sharing his old videos and images. The Twitter trend is coming soon after Sidharth Shukla’s fellow Bigg Boss finalist Asim Riaz claimed in an interview that Sidharth’s win on the show was rigged. Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla started out as close friends on the show, however, cracks soon appeared in their bond as the show progressed. Now, Asim’s new comments have left Sidharth’s fans furious and many have shared their discontent on social media.

It all started when Asim Riaz, in an interview with RJ Siddharth Kanan, said that the result of the show was predetermined in favor of Sidharth Shukla. In the clip, Asim says: “Mere dauran unhone kya kiya just because they didn’t want to make me win… they stated aaj hi hum voting online khol denge. 15 minutes ke dauran… jeetana hai jeetao jisko (He big boss the manufacturers did not want me to win. They opened up an online voting option for 15 minutes to ensure whoever they preferred won.) Come on man, just say you don’t want me to win. You made it so obvious we had to believe you did it. Whatever. But I was like, ‘okay’”.

Check out Asim Riaz’s comments here:

Needless to say, Asim Riaz’s statements drew a lot of attention from big boss viewers and fans of Sidharth Shukla. After the interview, singer Shehbaz Badesha shared a tweet saying, “Some people still don’t understand sher ek hi hai aur ek hi rehta hai (there is only one lion)”, which fans believe is a hint at Asim.

For the inexperienced, Shehbaz Badesha is the brother of actress Shehnaaz Gill. Shehnaaz and Sidharth were rumored to be dating after the show and at the time of the actor’s death.

Shehnaaz Gill also starred in Bigg Boss alongside Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz and garnered widespread acclaim for her performance on the reality show and her bond with Sidharth.

In the same interview, Asim Riaz also claimed that he dreamed of Sidharth Shukla before the actor’s death. Asim said: “He came in my dream, brother. I swear. I knew it before… I spent 140 days with him in that (Bigg Boss) house. He was really connected because he had no friends outside and aisa connection kisi se hua hi nahi kabhi bhai. Matlab ladna toh 4-4 din, hasna toh 4-4 din (I didn’t have a connection with anyone else like this before. We fought and laughed together.)”

Sidharth Shukla died of a heart attack in September 2021. He was 40 years old.

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