Anupam Kher prays for late best friend Satish Kaushik at Kolkata’s Kalighat Temple

Anupam Kher prays for late best friend Satish Kaushik at Kolkata's Kalighat Temple

Still from a video shared by Anupam Kher. (courtesy: anupampkher)

Days after the death of his close friend and colleague Satish Kaushik, Anupam Kher was seen visiting the famous Kalighat temple in Kolkata. While at the temple, the actor recorded a video and shared that he has prayed for the well-being of the country, its people, and the late filmmaker. In a video, Anupam Kher said: “Aaj mai Kalighat Temple mein Ma Kali ke darshan ke liye aya. Sab bhakto se mulakat ki aur sabke liye prathna ki. Mere dost Satish Kaushik ke aatma ki shanti ke liye prathna ki (I have come to Kalighat Temple today to seek the blessings of Goddess Kali. I have met devotees here and prayed for everyone including the departed soul of my friend Satish Kaushik).” In the video, Anupam Kher is seen dressed in a red kurta with a red tika on his forehead. He also has garlands around his neck.

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Following the death of Satish Kaushik, Anupam Kher shared a video reminiscing about their 45-year friendship. In a video message, she said: “The reason I’m here today talking to you is because I need to get over the loss of my friend Satish Kaushik… It’s killing me.” Sharing details about their bond, he explained, “Our friendship was deep. After so many years, it becomes a habit that you never want to lose. It’s hard because 45 years is a long time to be with someone.”

Speaking about her time at the National School of Drama, Anupam Kher added: “We saw our dreams together. We started our journey together at the National School of Drama in the month of July 1975. We both came to Mumbai one after the other… We worked hard to get to where we are today.”

He further said that he and the late director would speak to each other every day. “Right now, I can’t concentrate. But as they say, you have to move on and I’ll have to do that too. This is what life teaches us.”

In the caption of the photo, he wrote: “Letter to my friend!! My dearest Satish Kaushik. You will always be a part of my life… But I need to move on… To keep your memory alive.”

Satish Kaushik died of a suspected heart attack in the early morning of March 9, 2023. He was 66 years old and is survived by his wife and daughter.

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