A1RunGuard Premium 1.5

  • A1RunGuard is a foolproof blocker for unwanted programs + password protecting any executable + extra anti-ransomware protection.
  • A1RunGuard can prevent some Ransomware attacks.
  • Ransomware often uses legitimate programs that can be found in all versions of Windows for various destructive operations. This technique allows ransomware to avoid detection by antivirus software.
  • A1RunGuard intercepts the launch of these programs, but instead of blocking them completely, A1RunGuard investigates the program’s command lines and raises the alarm only if a dangerous combination occurs.
  • A1RunGuard can password protect any executable file from execution.
  • It allows to specify the main password or a special password for each program.
  • A1RunGuard can block any unwanted process by file name or full path.
  • A1RunGuard does not slow down the overall performance of a computer. It does not install system drivers, does not use real-time monitoring, does not modify system files.
  • A1RunGuard is fully compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7/Server (64 bit and 32 bit). It is compatible with any antivirus.
  • The free version of A1RunGuard is available for commercial use.
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