A Canadian anti-capitalist cafe is closing after a year on the ‘pay what you can’ model

An anti-capitalist coffee shop in Canada is closing after a year in business, its owner announced, citing “lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources” as the reason for being unable to continue the business.

The Toronto cafe, The Anarchist, opened in March 2022 and previously described itself as an “anti-capitalist, anti-colonial cafe, shop and radical community space on stolen land,” Blogtio reported. It will close its doors on May 30.

“It’s been an amazing experience, connecting with so many great community members, sparking much-needed discussion, raising the blood pressure of conservatives (including you, the “anarcho-capitalists” and “libertarians”), fulfilling the dream of most professional service workers. Not tolerating the presence of class-traitors (pigs and the army), and experimenting with living and working in a way that doesn’t enthusiastically embrace the pure injustice of capitalism,” shop owner Gabrielle Sims-Feuvre wrote on the cafe’s website announcing the closure.

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Anarchist Coffee Shop in Toronto

An anarchist coffee shop in Toronto is closing its doors this month. This shop is anti-capitalist in tone. (Google Maps)

“Unfortunately, the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources left me unable to grow through the winter lull, or grow as necessary to be sustainable over the long term,” he added.

In an effort to make coffee accessible to everyone and to enforce the idea that the enterprise was not a capitalist venture, the shop had a “pay what you can” model that was subsidized by pricier drinks, according to the cafe website.

The model was apparently not successful. The cafe was criticized when it first opened, as critics said it was hypocritical to charge high prices for cheap coffee and drinks.

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In his message, Sims-Fear said that Anarchist “has been a huge success in every way I had hoped for, and has given me so much inspiration and education that I plan to use in future projects.”

He ended his statement with: “F*** the rich. F*** the police. F*** the state. F*** the colonial death camp we call “Canada”. but also sells.capitalist views.

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